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The Lempster Meetinghouse
page updated 2/19/20

Few buildings characterize the image and charm of the quintessential New England village as the Town Hall or Meetinghouse. Historically, a Meetinghouse was where communities gathered to worship, politic, govern, learn, and associate. Lempster’s relationship with our Meetinghouse is no different.

Our Lempster community now faces the task of saving its own, over-200 year-old Meetinghouse. This is a critical juncture, where further benign neglect and hopeful patching will no longer work. Lempster must attack the problems threatening this community icon or risk losing it as we, and history, have lost so many others.

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Friends of the Lempster Meetinghouse (FLMH) formed in 2006 to protect and preserve Lempster's 1794 connection with its and New Hampshire's history.


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